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Why Comdash?


  • Extensive domain expertise in enterprise asset management
  • Proven development team with experience designing and engineering incredible software and integrations
  • Born from an enterprise IT consultancy, our experience immediately becomes an asset to your entire organization


  • Committed to exceeding expectations and providing industry-leading services
  • Client-centric focus that drives our operations
  • Top-notch customer care and support


  • Constant interaction to ensure optimal functionality and availability, utilizing cutting-edge solutions
  • A versatile platform that can integrate with existing systems and IoT devices
  • Secure cloud-based architecture that frees you from the tether of a VPN, with an on-site appliance available

Simple & Intuitive

Designed to require minimal training - we strive for simplicity and clarity.

Feature Rich

We build features to solve user needs and improve business processes.


Integrate existing systems, IoT devices and more into one elegant interface.


Never install any software and access our touch-friendly solution from the internet.